Hi, I’m Corey Fruitman, founder and owner of Regarding. You might know me from other entrepreneurial ventures like Instant Housecall remote support software or as a Product Manager at RouteThis, WiFi troubleshooting software for ISPs and Smart Home companies.

I got my professional start in technology in telecommunications. I started programming in grade 4 on the Commodore PET computer.

Where did the idea for Regarding come from?

Back in 2006, I worked for Rogers Communications, a large telco in Toronto. My boss told me that he was overwhelmed with emails. I started adding [FYI], [Please advise], and [Action required] to subject lines of emails to help him sort through messages.

Those tags are where the Regarding message types of FYI, Question, and ToDo came from. 

At the time, I was going to make a plugin for Outlook and Gmail that let you sort emails in a similar way. I was going to call it “Re:Mail”, which is where the name Regarding comes from. 

Instead of pursuing Re:Mail, I decided to move forward with Instant Housecall as my first entrepreneurial venture.

Fast forward to 2023, and chat apps like Slack and Teams have taken over email as the main form of communication in companies. And so, Regarding was born.