Regarding Inbox

Your Regarding inbox is on the Home tab of the app. It shows you all of your received messages.

View and reply to all your messages in batches. Never miss an important message.

Set up Notifications

Notifications let you know about new messages.

Regarding will send you a direct message in a digest at the times you choose.

You can set up to three notifications.


Send an automatically categorized message

Regarding automatically detects whether your message is an FYI, Question, or ToDo. You can change the category if you want to.


Send an FYI

FYIs are ephemeral messages. When they’re acknowledged or dismissed, you don’t get a notification.

/re FYI
/re #

Send a Question

Questions are return-receipt messages. That means you’ll always get a response. You’ll receive either a reply, or a return receipt if the question is dismissed.

/re Question
/re ?

Send a To Do

To Dos are return-receipt messages. That means you’ll always get a response. You’ll receive either a message that says Done, or a return receipt if the To Do is dismissed.

/re ToDo
/re +

Set reminders

Reminders are sent automatically if an FYI, Question, or To Do is not acknowledged by a certain time. Automatically follow up to keep your team on track.

Send messages in #channels

When you send a Regarding message to a channel, you don’t interrupt the whole team. Your message appears in the Regarding inbox of everyone in the channel, and is removed from everyone’s inbox when the message is answered.

Replying to channel messages

When you reply to a Question or To Do in a channel, you reply directly to the person who issued it. Optionally post it back to the channel so everyone can see what’s been done. 

Questions and To Dos are removed from everyone’s Regarding inbox once the message is answered.

FYIs are sent to everyone individually. 

If everyone in the channel dismisses your message, you’ll be notified that your message went unanswered.