The text that was pasted into ChatGPT is the description of the Slack app from the Slack app directory.

Regarding: Silent messages

“I love Slack but the pop-ups are distracting when I’m heads-down, in a scrum, or in a meeting. It’s hard to monitor Slack channels, too.”Fewer Slack interruptions… More work done.Send silent Slack messages without notificationsAutomatically categorize new FYIs, Questions, and To Dos in a convenient inbox. Get notified on your schedule. Reply to messages in batches and eliminate pesky distractions.How it works:Choose when you want to be notified of new messages
People send you messages with the /re command
You’re notified about all your messages at the time you chooseView Screenshots: messages:

/re I have a dentist appointment at 9am FYI
/re What’s our Google PageRank? Question
/re Wear pants to the next Zoom standup ToDo

Regarding automatically categorizes FYIs, Questions and ToDos for you.
100+ languages supported.What happens next?• Read and reply to messages in batches
• Ask questions in #channels. Get answers without disturbing the team
• Add reminders to messages, never miss an important deadline
• Focus on getting stuff done
• Kind of like e-mail, but in Slack
• Don’t mute or disable Slack notifications. Use Regarding instead and never miss an important messageHow does it work in channels?• Stop making everyone sift through messages when you already have your answer
• Send async FYIs, Questions, and ToDos to channels
• Once you get your answer, the Question or ToDo is deleted from everyone’s Regarding inbox
• Optionally post replies back to the channel for everyone to see
• FYIs are sent to each person individually
• Works in group messages, tooWhat’s the difference between an FYI, Question, and To Do?• When FYls are dismissed, you aren’t notified
• When Questions or ToDos are answered, you get a direct message. If they’re deleted without a response, you’ll be notified, tooInstall Regarding now for free. Make your team more productive and say goodbye to pesky Slack interruptions.rding makes Slack more accessible for people with ADHD, SUD, autism, and misophonia.